prayer points for november 2018 fasting




“These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with

the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.”

Acts 1:14 KJV

“And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were

assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and

they spake the word of God with boldness.”

Acts 4:31 KJV

“As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said,

Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work where unto I have called


Acts 13:2 KJV


The body of Christ is called out to United prayer morning afternoon and

evening 30 days of this November 2018.

Are you born again then you are called out to this 1 Peter 2: 9-10, Colossians1:

12-13; following Jesus footsteps to pray God’s will Hebrews7: 24-25

The power of United prayer is seen in Ephesians3: 16-20.

The disciples were praying in accord, unity for 10 days and the day of

Pentecost came, revival came. acts1: 14 and 2: 1-4

We are coming together to obey Jesus in Matthew6: 9-10 that the will of God

be done in our lives, homes, business, church, locality and our nation

We shall be pleading for the indwelling of the spirit John20: 22; Acts9: 17 and

out pouring of Holy Ghost power Acts1: 8 Luke24: the promise of the father

as we pray. Zechariah 4: 9 Lord not by power or might but by your spirit.


Romans12: 1-2; Matthew16:

We confess that we, our family, the church and nation have sinned terribly by rejecting the way of the

Lord, father please forgive us.

Forgive us fake news, rumor mongering, evil speaking, bribery and corruption and immorality, please

Lord have mercy on us.

Father forgive us in your mercy and loving kindness through the finished work of the cross so we can

stand on your Holy hill in your presence, to call on you for answered prayers in Jesus name

Father keep us back from secret faults, presumption sins, sin of pride that will no allow you to hear or

stretch for your hand to hear and heal us in Jesus name.

Father do not let sin, rebellion and iniquity of our ways have dominion over us as we wait on you, for

Christ sake let us be free of great transgressions in Jesus name.

Father please purge my heart of every kind of defilement, evil physical or spiritual ideas imaginations

and thoughts in Jesus name

Father help me to empty myself of flesh and it’s desires, and to die to the flesh and come alive in the

spirit in Jesus name


John17: 17

Holy father protect us as we pray this month by the power of your name, fill us with your spirit so that we

may be of on mind in one accord as we wait on you in Jesus name.

Father strengthen us with might by your spirit in the inner man in Jesus name Ephesians3: 16-20

Father let Christ be formed in my Heart by faith in Jesus name, answer my prayers beyond, above what I

can ask imagine or think in Jesus name.

Father grant me wisdom and revelation of God, the way and truth in your word this season in Jesus name

Father open the eyes of my understanding to your purpose and assignment for my life and salvation.

Teach us to wait on the power of the Holy Spirit to fill our whole being as we seek and receive the grace

of the Holy Spirit.

Father let our cry this month be from sincere hearts, that is filled with the assurance of faith in your will and

purpose for our lives and nation. Hebrews10: 13

Father restore to us this month as we wait on you, the availing power of an overcomer


Father please let me be deliver me from the from this

present evil age on a daily basis because you gave your

life for my sins Galatians1: 4

Father let nothing or anyone be able to turn me away

from the truth of the gospel in Christ Jesus I read in

scriptureGalatians1: 6-7

Father help to stand in faith and my belief be accounted

for righteousness. Romans4: 20


Father as I wait on you let me receive every promise of the father for me in 2018 that is

yet to receive in Jesus name Acts1: 4

Father help me to live the crucified life in which Christ king and the life I live is for

Jesus only Galatians2: 20

Father give me the strength to deny the old nature in me that still delights in the

leaguers of their world, fill me with the love of God afresh 1John2: 15-16

Father let my lifestyle and witness be proof that that the spirit power dwells in me, let

me be the temple of your Holy Ghost Acts1: 8

Father as your witness on this earth please don’t let me be content with anything less

than the indwelling and power of the Holy Spirit at work in my life Luke24: 49

Lord what ever it will take teach me to be your faithfull witness, deliver me from every

weakness of the flesh

WEEK two

Deliver your church from the weakness of not testify to the Lord ship of Jesu

to the world

Father give us individually and as a church the spirit of wisdom and revelation in

the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the word. Ephesians1: 17

Father open the eyes of my understanding to the assignment of my life in the

church and in the circular in Jesus name. Ephesians1: 18

Father give me an understanding of the workings of the power of resurrection ,

that mighty power that raised Jesus

Father let that power that raised Jesus begin to work in my life and ministry in

Jesus name Ephesian1: 19-22

Father help me to be seated far above principalities and powers every day of my

life from this season in Jesus name


Father raise laborers for the harvest in your church and make me part of the harvesters

of souls of men in Jesus name Matthew9:

Father raise apostles, prophets, evangelist and pastors from this congregation in

TOG in Jesus name Ephesians4: 11

Father raise men and women that will edify and equip the saints in LP66 churches and

make me one of those for this assignment in Jesus name Ephesians4: 12

Father deliver me my family and church from being children in things of God tossed to

and fro by every wind of doctrine in Jesus name Ephesian4: 14

Father help me and the brethren in LP66 to come to the unity of faith and be strong in

the knowledge of the son of God, deliver us from every trickery of false teachers and

their cunning craftiness with deceitful teachings.

Father help me to learn Christ and be taught of the Lord, deliver me from a darkened

mind and vanity living like the rest of the world Ephesians4: 17-20


Father help me to put of the old man and it’s for me ways of deceitful lust, stealing, lying,

lethargy and joblessness Ephesians4: 25-5: 7

Father fill me with your light through you word let me shine as light in this dark world by the

power of your Holy Spirit in Jesus name

Let us pray that the Lord who has saved us and started a good work in us will complete it

until the day of Jesus Christ, that we will run creditably till the end. Philippians1: 6

Let us pray that in all our churches in LP66 that our love for one another and those yet to

know Jesus may grow and abound more and more in the knowledge of God and spiritual

discernment Philippians1: 19

Father help us to in daily life to approve all things that are excellent in Christ Jesus

Philippians1: 10

Father help us to be sincere and be without offense in our Christian walk till the day of



Father fill us with the fruit of righteousness and the fruit of the spirit which are by

Christ Jesus to the praise and glory of your Holy name Philippians 1: 11 Galatians5:


Father let you kingdom come and only your will be done in Lagos Province 66

Matthew6: 9-10

Father may we be filled with the knowledge of your will in all wisdom and spiritual

understanding daily.

Father help us to walk daily in a manner worthy of the lLord Jesus Christ and please

God in every respect human endeavor.

Father help us individually and collectively as churches to bear fruit in every good work

in ministry and the circular.

Father help us to daily increase in the knowledge of God, and our lives be a praise to

the on who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

WEEK four

We ask for grace to walk in the fear of God daily and in our

dealings in Jesus name Acts 9: 31

We pray fro peace in the church our chimes and the nation


We ask for the comfort of the Holy Spirit as we commend

every member of Lagos Province 66 to God and the word of

His grace to build us up in Jesus name. Acts 3: 30

Father cut of the horns that have been lifted up to scatter

Nigeria in the physical and spiritual economically, politically,

socially and spiritually in Jesus name Zechariah 1: 18-20



photo of the week

Psalm 134:2 NIV "Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the LORD.